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Roofing Panel
The roofing panel are offered by us in various sizes and specifications. They are energy efficient and also aesthetically pleasing. They are strong and meet the required demands.
PUF Panels
The PUF panels that are supplied by us are used for construction and decorative purposes, these are strong and can be used in various industries, they are weather resistant.
Outdoor Shelters
The outdoor shelters are multi purpose shelters that are used in various industries and are suitable to be placed anywhere outdoor. They are weatherproof and customized.
Dairy Cold Chambers
The dairy cold chambers are used for preventing the spoilage of the milk and other dairy products like dahi, butter and others. The chambers will help in retaining the taste and fragrance of the products stored.
Cold Storage Door
The clean room door is used for protecting and securing the clean rooms. Offered in different varieties they are less space taking and are of high quality.
Cold Storage Room
The cold storage is used for storing the eatables like dairy, meat, fruits and vegetables at a temperature lower than the room temperature. It has customized size and vast temperature range which is adjustable.
Glasswool Sandwich Panel
Glasswool Sandwich Panels provided by us are reckoned for their maximum 100 mm thickness level and ability to withstand up to 500 degree C temperature, Made of aluminum sheets, these panels are rust and abrasion proof.
Prefabricated Doors
Offered Prefabricated Doors are used for construction of clean room and temporary shelters. Based on application needs, these doors can be availed in fire proof design. PUF insulated design of such doors improves sound insulation capacity of buildings.
Meat Processing Plant
The meat processing plant is offered for enhancing the taste of the meat and preventing it from spoiling. The plant offers various equipment that are used for making the meat last long.
Clean Room
The Clean room is used in various scientific fields like research, medicine and others. The clean room have less air pollutants and a strict level of cleanliness as they are designed that way.
Multi Storey Buildings and Huts
The multi storey building and huts are provided by us that are multi purpose and suitable to be placed and used in large spaces. These can be used for many purposes be it industrial or commercial.
The light weight structure is used for many different projects, also are suitable for different building forms. They are suitable to be used for various offices and commercial purposes.
Sandwich Puf Panel
The offered sandwich puf panel is a panel that is multipurpose, it is used in construction and can be used for decorative purpose also. The panels are three layer panels that makes them strong.
Mushroom Chamber
Offered Mushroom Chambers are known for their advanced design and modern amenities. Internal temperature of such chambers can be adjusted to suit cultivation needs. Ergonomic design, adequate inside space and durable structure are the key aspects of such chambers.
Rockwool Panel
Rockwool Panels are known for their unique thermal and acoustic properties. These are used as suitable wall, roof and floor insulation materials for concrete and prefabricated structures. Light in weight, these panels are simple to fix and remove.
EPS Panel
Offered in different dimension based choices, offered EPS Panels are known for their good sound insulation level. Quick to install, these panels are also useful to improve thermal performance of any building. These panels are easy to maintain and these are of durable quality.

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